Watch “Dangal” Movie Trailer: Aamir Khan’s Strong Intense Look Stunned Us With His Acting Acumen


Aamir Khan completely submerged into his character that surprised us once again as his acting acumen and the strong intense trailer too is giving the goose bumps all the way.

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Bollywood cute actor Aamir Khan once again stunned the fans by completing fitting in new role in his upcoming much awaited movie “Dangal”, much anticipated movie trailer has attracted many viewers.

because ever cute Aamir Khan is adopting a brand new look which is considering the impressive mashup after Salman Khan’s “Sultan” which struck gold on box office.

This is not newer fact Aamir Khan sinks his teeth fully into his character but Aamir Khan himself was too eager to wrap up hard home work of “Dangal” so, here not only fans but Aamir himself too waiting for the revelation of trailer.

The upcoming “Dangal” based on true story and based on life events of wrestler Mahavir Singh, the three and half minute trailer open with powerful dialogues as well as unveiled the film story where Aamir Khan himself an Olympic wrestler like Salman Khan’s “Sultan”.

The trailer showcases the life of Aamir Khan as a teenager wrestler and a 27-year old man while a lot of trailer showed the most of 55-years old Aamir Khan’s glimpses.

Just like “Sultan” Aamir Khan’s “Dangal” are set in Haryana where he was living with his wife and want a boy to fulfill his dreams but he was the father of four girls.

However, the forthcoming “Dangle” has eradicated the inequality of gender and put a message about daughters, a dialogue of film rated too much “Gold toh gold hota hai, chhora laave ya chhori”. No one can deny about close similarities of Salman Khan’s “Sultan” and Aamir Khan’s “Dangle”.