Watch Video; Comedian Tanmay Bhat roasted over insults of Lata Mangeshkar and Sachin Tendulkar


Comedy group AIB member Tanmay Bhat mocked on conversations of two Indian legends first cricketer legend Sachin Tendulkar and musical diva Lata Mangeshkar. He may have to face FIR for such insulting video clip.

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AIB comedian Tanmay Bhat posted a video clip on social media in which Lata Mangeshkar and Sachin Tendulkar engaged in a words war. The controversial video clip flaunts the caption “Sachin Tendulkar vs Lata Civil war”, the insulting video goes viral on different social Medias while the mocking video made his way to internet on Sunday. Tanmay Bhat’s video got an aggressive feedback from different political parties like NCP, Shive Sena, BJP and MNS.

Different political parties demanded different from police against comedian Tanmay Bhatt for dropping mocking video of melody queen Lata Mangeshkar and master blaster Sachin Tendulkar.

Not only political parties but numerous Bollywood actors also slammed comedian Tanmay Bhat for crossing his limitations.

Watch Video here

Number of complaints have been filed by different political parties but Mumbai police sought legal opinion whether they can register FIR against Tanmay Bhat or not but Police used to say they are trying to establish a contact with Google and YouTube for blocking such insulting video of Indian’s legends.

The legal opinion regarding registering FIR will be available in a day or two because the special branch too has no suggestion. Political parties has sunk their difference one day ago after the leakage of their cricketer blaster and musical queen, while the other parties like Shive Sena and BJP are demanding from Mumbai police to take stringent action at such shameful activity.

The 28-years old comedian Tanmay Bhat was roasted last year for an act but it seems he has learned no lesson and open another controversy this year.