What Is WWE 2K Series? Will Sasha Banks, John Cena And Ultimate Warrior Introduced In WWE 2K 17


WWE 2K is a series of video games which was started in 2013 and then every year new versions started launched every year and year was also mentioned with the version like which WWE 2K comes in 2015 was titled as WWE 2K15.


Every year the main superstars and wrestlers are changed on the cover like in WWE 2K 14 Rock was on the cover than on WWE 2K 16 Stone Cold was on the cover and numbers of wrestlers are changed every time.

In this game series every year legendary wrestlers were introduced in WWE 2K16 there are 256 wrestlers. In WWE 2K17 it was confirmed that number of wrestlers will be less and only the world best wrestlers will be in the list.

Programmers prefers that they introduce new and latest wrestlers because the players are not familiars with legends that’s why team is short listing the list of wrestlers and some says that they have to introduce John Cena, Sasha Banks and the Ultimate Warrior, on the other side some are refusing this suggestion.

As John Cena is 15 times World Heavy Weight Champion he is one of the greatest of all the times it is not wrong to says that John Cena is the face of WWE Universe.

Sasha Banks is one of the new comers from NXT but ser gain popularity very fast as in Wrestlemania 32 she won a lot of fans on the base of her fighting skills in a triple thread title match.

Ultimate Warrior is one of the greatest warriors in the history of WWE he died on April 8, 2014. This wrestler has a chance that it might not be shown in the list.

It is totally unknown that what will happens in WWE 2K17 but everyone is expecting for the best.