WhatsApp Launches 5 New Features That will Blow Your Mind


For the purpose of improving services in developed ways facebook owned massaging application WhatsApp now launched five other better features.


According to latest technology reports, successive smart phones app WhatsApp seems to be launched another five massive features in latest version in which users can improve their relations with friends or family members by sharing their memories or other projects in few seconds.

Firstly, we cannot make zoom of any video but now, maker also solved that problem by introducing an extra electron chip.

The first new ballistic feature is that maker enhanced photo sharing ability to all other contacts by just make click on “Photo/Video Library” while selecting another user account. Now, WhatsApp users can easily transfer their all documents or other PDFs files to aimed person making its fast and reliable to all other Bluetooth media or way of transfers.

WhatsApp officials told that Company have some issues about space opportunity in iPhone series but now, a better try introduced for decreasing that issue.

Users can easily choose their specific block color during chat transferring another mega flick about standard background now every user of WhatsApp can select liking colour in device by opening their photo library.

The best thing is that almost one million people in whole world are using WhatsApp for the purpose of transferring their relative information or problems to their friends.

Company decreased long distance in shape of that kind now; we can easily transfer up to 100 MB memory file in conversation not using any other way.

Storage is the last and best feature of WhatsApp upcoming merits for users in which everyone can easily promoted high memory files to any other cell because firstly, many cell phones did not have so much internal memory but now that issue solved by makers of WhatsApp.