White House Correspondents’ Dinner 2016: President Barack Obama Roasts Donald Trump


The Final gag-fest correspondents for journalist and Politicians arranged last night, US president turn into comedian-in-chief and cracked jokes with poke to rival politicians, ended the performance with the drop of mic.


United States president Barack Obama, who turned into a comedian-in-chief cracked jokes on rivals and poked them to make fun on them, at the Final Correspondent’s dinner at white house which is specially held for famous politicians as well as for journalists also US president Obama tickle the funny bone with his comedy jokes.

Donald Trump, who currently the Republican presidential front runner currently campaigning in California, suspected to may not present physically at White House Correspondent’s dinner because President Barack Obama.

who was currently in comedy mode and cracked jokes to make fun of their rival bowing out a typical role by roasting Republican Presidential front runner Donald Trump as President Obama poked out by saying No doubt Donald trump is an amazing man, he had the experience to meet with Beauties like Miss Sweden and Miss Azerbaijan but not had the experience to met with leaders of the whole globe.

Donald Trump who is still present at the Black-tie-event expecting somewhat incredulous from US President Barack Obama but when Mr. President open butt of jokes Republican Presidential Front runner Donald Trump returned with more punishment at the annual white house Correspondent’s dinner.

However billionaire Michael Bloomberg, who was Republican former New York mayor, toyed with the idea of entering in the presidential Race, US President poked him by saying “Mike, a combative, controversial New York billionaire is leading the GOP primary and it’s not you”.

Mr. President make laugh as he can on himself, Democratic Republican presidential candidates as well as the journalist at Black-tie-event of Correspondent’s dinner, he also made fun about how he aged in his Job.