White House Is Maltreated From Hollywood’s Glass House


In Los Angeles on this Sunday, Academy Awards has been organized and both political statements and fashion information was the center of attraction for attendees of this Award Show.

This movie award season is of great worth for books of political history. Political punch related to Los Angeles and Washington was delivered in start of show. Immigration restrictions and Mr.Trump’s border wall decisions were pointed out in this award show and pointed messages extolled regarding virtues of opposing without hatred and the great courageous values of Journalismthat has challenged the authorities. These things while singing flashed above the string.

Political and cultural rifts regarding Mr. Trumps election were depicted and the aggressive way in which Mr. Trumps given his political agenda. Oscars 2017 was the best platform where everyone has freedom of speech to talk about their point of views and to cherish American values.

This year nominations in this Award show and Sunday victories have depicted the fact that studio Executive minorities are on low position woeful manner. This Award show has also pointed out one thing that in Hollywood Glass House nominations for female Directors were very less.

Another thing is complained from Asian-Americans in this Award show regarding all the celebrations of black nominees in this Award ceremony.

From United States Senate and Corporate America, Hollywood’s diversity issues are not different but still Hollywood’s issues are in pale direction as compared to Mr. Trumps critics regarding immigration issues, environmental protection regarding other indignities and transgender rights.

Operative word is slow however.

This Award ceremony brought a second chance for Mel Gibson, who got nominated for Movie “hacksaw ridge” as best director nomination, portraying misogynist remarks, it is the same time as Mr. Trump as depicting “Access Hollywood” caught on tape, women’s genitals grabbing.


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