World’s Best Climber’s Body Found In The Mountains Himalayan After 16 Years


After sixteen years, Bodies of renowned American Mountain Climber along with his camera man founded in the melting Himalayan glacier, On one of the world’s highest mountain Alex Lowe buried by an avalanche.


Alex Lowe who is a world class mountain climber along with his camera man David Bridges buried by massive snow and ice avalanche on the 8,027-metre (26,335-foot) Shisha Pangma peak in China on Tibetan mountain when they attempting the first American ski descent, sixteen years back but now their bodies captured in encased of blue ice.

Alex Lowe was a world-renowned alpinist born in Dec 1958 while he struck in ice avalanche at the age of forty, he climbed several peeks in Asia as well as in North America, climbed two times the Mount Everest, Matterhorn and sixteen time the Scaled El Captain in Yosemite.

According to outside Magazine, Shishapangma is the world’s 14th highest mountain exists in all over the world, In October 5, 1999 Alex along with his camera man David were on the hike and hoped to ski but that day was the last day of both great Alpine Alex Lowe.

brave camera man David because they struck in a snow ice avalanche swept them away along with other companion climbers including Conrad Anker searched pair of time but not founded then but in last week, other climbers emerge their bodies from Himalayan Glacier after sixteen years, their bodies tightly encase in blue ice.

However the second Climber Conrad Anker, who was on hike survived in snow and ice avalanche went to Lowe’s widow and become the helping hand of Alex’s wife and his family. Alex’s parents grateful to know that their son’s body founded from Himalayan Glaciers.

However, the statement comes in light from Alex’s widow Jennifer that the couple Jennifer and Anker was in Nepal when they heard the news.