‘WWE 2k16’ PC Gamers Face Problems Just After Release


“WWE 2K16” PC version remained one of the most-awaited which was launched on 11 March, Friday but just hours after release, gamers reported some problems.


The release for Windows of 2K16 emerged disappointment for Users who has been waiting for more than months as it was first launched for Xbox consoles and for PlayStation with Stone Cold Steve Austin on the cover.

However, first expression on Windows came out heartbroken with some issue loading screen and are stuck staring at Steve Austin, while “WWE 2K16” was developed by Yuke’s and Visual Concepts.

The second installment of professional wrestling, fighting, sports “WWE 2K” franchise was out in wake of previous year’s “WWE 2K15.”

Nevertheless, in spite of the bit noise regarding release of 2K16 not only online as well in tabloids, several problems were already reported just after some hours of launch.

One of the users was able to resolve the issue instantly and took Reddit to share with others, penned those who faced issue stuck on the Stone Cold Steve Austin splash screen after playing on steam, should try browsing to the games install directory and run the game as an administrator.

While frequent crashing of the game and frame rate dropping is being reported so far but the ignorance of system requirements for the game installation might be the reason of issues.

The developers announced minimum requirement for “WWE 2K16” on windows, should be a 4 GB Memory RAM, 64-bit, and Windows Vista SP2 operating system even the game is not compatible for an Intel i3-2105 or a Phenom II X2 550.

It was also reported by the developers, the Radeon HD 5870 and GeForce GTX 460 both can easily run “WWE 2K16” though a compatible sound card and A 44GB available space is also part of requirements for the game.