Yemen Faced Harsh Suicide Blast, 40 Killed in NATO Bombings


Sana’a: Many suicide attacks held in Yemen and NATO forces increased severe bombings in which almost 40 people killed and many were got serious injuries and one high profile Judge slaughtered by unknown attackers.


According to a news report, last day a serious attack occurred in famous city of Yemen in which Suicide bomber destroyed everything and NATO forces also increased their harsh attacks on terrorists in which 40 were departed from that life and many were got serious damages.

Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant increased his activities against Russia and all other forces for the purpose of killing all Non Muslims from Iraq, Miser and Syria. Few days back, Russian fighter planes attacked on a market with bombings in which almost 60 people killed and 300 serious damaged.

A big judge named Abdulhadi Muhammad killed by unknown fighters at evening time in Yemen. Terrorism is increasing everyday in many Muslim countries named Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan but any good change in attacks did not introduce by any political party.

Iraq, Yemen and Syria faced a big civil war in which thousands people departed from their lives. Al Qaeda and Daesh increased terror in whole world only for killing the power of America and Russia but they lost many religious personalities in those war.

Recently, Saudi Arabia hanged almost 47 people in result of increasing terror activities in country in which one Iranian Shia personality named Nimr-al-Nimr also got punishment of death. After that political relations of both countries took serious bad condition.

Another new report told many NATO planes made severe bombings in Yemen for the purpose of taking control of area from terrorists in which one independent pressman and 20 other people killed and 30 got serious wounds but they failed to decrease the charge of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.