Yemeni, Emirati Troops Kill 800 al-Qaeda Fighters, Recapture Oil Terminal


Yemen’s government security forces alongside partners from a Saudi-led coalition have succeeded in severe battle against al-Qaeda fighters and taken back Mukalla which was in complete hold of militants about for a year.


More than 1,900 Emirati troops and Yemeni security forces launched its operation against the Islamist fighters who held the city for months but finally they have pushed back all terrorists from the city and got back an airport, port, and main checkpoints around the southern city, Yemeni officials and residents told media.

However, to push back one of the dangerous militant organization fighters, was a easy task for Yemeni forces but with co-ordination of Arab coalition who reportedly launched air strikes on secret hideouts of terrorists and remained successful to recapture largest oil port in the nation, Mina Al-Dhaba.

Both nations’ joint military operation led to their recapturing of Mukalla from an Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) who had been maintained its control for months, confirmed locals and residents by talking to reporters.

According to latest reports that joint operation also helped to take control of the city of Al Shihr as well as its oil terminal which is a the major center within the illegal jihadist oil smuggling empire.

Before starting of severe clash in country that began last year, authorities had already exported about 80 percent of oil reserves of Yemen through the Al Shihr port.

Yemeni government forces have been trying to recapture the held places from the fighters as well resume the oil trade since the clash started previous year, while Al-Qaeda linked group reportedly attempted to get permission Yemen authorities exporting crude oil on its behalf but they will charge their share of 25 percent though other 75 percent would be regime.