Zayn Malik Releases his First Album; Simon Cowell Talks One Direction Break


Famous singer Zayn Malik Releases his first album which is his first solo album after leaving group and crushing his fans in so much grief for more than a year so album is named as ‘Mind is Mine’ and what will be in his mind???


Zayn Malik is a famous Singer from United Kingdom which is also a Song writer too So he by audition in UK television show of music he started his career as a singer and in Short time he got a lot of success not only in his country but also in all over the world.

Zaid Javedd Is full name of Zayn Malik and his Name Zayn Malik got popularity after his entrance in music that he started in 2010.

So he was the member of the famous band but he left it due to some issue so his fans that are in millions were so much upset by his this step but after more than a year Zayn Malik releases his first solo album and fans of this man are very happy by her re-entrance in his field after a year.

More interesting fact in this album is that it is also for Pakistani’s too because he also include a sing which is in Urdu because his father is also from Pakistan so title of that song is flower which runs less than two minutes.

Another member of their group Simon Cowell asked on a question that weather their group is Staying together or split and he said that he did not know about whole matter and asked that all the members of band did not have answer of this question right know so will this group be again as a permanent group or not???