Zayn Malik Returns In Futuristic Music Video “Like I Would”


English singer, songwriter and former “One Direction” band member has been released the Futuristic music video for “Like I Would” after releasing the immensely successful debut album “Mind of Mine” in March, in Futuristic music video Zayn Malik wearing an orange contact.

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After appearing a week at Met Gala with full robot arms, Zayn Malik aka ZAYN has released an extra futuristic music video for “Like I Would”, recently in March ZAYN shaken the music world with his extraordinary rocking performance in his debut album “Mind of Mine”.

Source revealed that “Like I Would” is the forth video of Zayn Malik while the March released album contains “Befour”, “iT’s YoU” and title video “Mind of Mine”.

Recent video directed by Canadian director “Director X”, who also directed the hit videos of Rihanna like “Work” and “Hotline Bling” of Drake. In few minutes of music video you might think of “Trone”, however the entire music video is the outburst of dazzling lasers.

In entire futuristic music video Zayn Malik features as a robot and dressed up with an outfit laced with gleaming neon light, Zayn look comfortable in the DC comic universe.

Unsurprisingly, Zayn Malik looks like a robot as he wear one orange contact but he appear more hotter when he put out orange contact, in an age when the stripped down videos become hip but the only thing, Malik latest would fit right in cool kids. Zayn Malik is on ongoing odyssey to become the respected pop star as well as a legit celebrity.

Zayn Malik formally worked for “One Direction” music band and with the releases of robotic music video he got fame. In start of his music career he auditioned as a solo artist in a British Reality television music competition, after that he joined “One direction”.