Zika Virus Infected More Than 2100 Colombian Pregnant Women


Bogota: Zika virus left dangerous infections in Colombia, more than 2100 pregnant women infected with that mosquito-borne virus and shifted to hospitals.


According to country’s national health institute’s report, serious infections increased in result of mosquito-borne virus named Zika in Colombia in which almost 2100 pregnant women infected. In 2015, virus was detected by famous Dr. Margaret Chan in Brazil after making developed search.

Almost 20297 confirmed cases presented in different hospitals in which more than 2100 pregnant women disturbed. Earlier, national health sources told that almost 13500 people got severe infections and 560 pregnant women admitted in result of Zika virus.

Mosquito-borne virus Zika spread in the air along with generating larva and left bad impressions on human body in shape of high fever but any news about death of anybody did not occur yet. Colombian government also introduced many rescue ways for recovery of that virus.

Zika virus has been connected to the overwhelming birth imperfection microcephaly inside the human body and introduced infection there is no suitable treatment and vaccine. At least 15000 confirmed cases of that infection registered in whole country in which more than 2100 pregnant women suffered from virus in Colombia.

The World health organization also warned many developing countries about Zika virus that is scattering in the air explosively and authorities also expecting 4 million cases in result of that virus in whole world. Two years back, hundreds people departed from that life in result of mosquito-borne virus named Dengue.

Director General of world health organization also called special meeting about getting solution of Zika virus who is increasing every day. Symptoms of that virus connected with blood generating cells and after getting power stopped working of nervous system. Brazil is the country who took much loss in result of many harmful diseases and now, doctors are trying to control that virus’s infections.